Friday, December 08, 2006

Enjoying the offseason

HHmmm. Life sure is different without doing an eating contest or two every month. Now I have more time to relax, put more time in at work, take care of the house, lift weights, etc. So much free time. No traveling around the whole weekend.
Things sure are different. I happened upon Beautiful Brian's website during my lunch break one day and I saw my name pop up in an article. Unfortunately, I did not like what I saw. I love reading Beautiful Brian's website since he always has interesting info on all the IFOCE eating contests and personalities. A quote he had from the other day though was something of which caused me some consternation. Why would anyone name me as someone they know they can beat in an eating contest? Apparently if you loose to me it is so devastating that you would retire. Hum, that is something. People have asked me what I thought about the comments made. I admire the confidence of the person quoted. I am sure they did not really name me specifically, probably more like named what rank they thought they should be. If so...LOL. Goodluck.


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous beautifulbrian said...

Hall i think the mayor went a bit overboard with those remarks but he insisted on getting his voice heard on my site knowing eaters go to my site for the gossip. I think you are a very talented eater and would give anyone a tough time at the table.


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