Thursday, September 07, 2006

Krystals + Waffle House = busy weekend

So after sleeping for the last 2.5 days I am now awake and can write a little something about the weekend. My first contest this weekend was at Waffle House. I have been waiting a year to do this one again. Last year I ate 6 if I remember correctly and this year I ate 14. Despite not matching Joey's record of 18.5 from last year, I was pleased with my 14 this year. The contest was packed this year. Joey, Sonya, Chip, Bubba, Larry "Legend", Super Paul, Crazy Legs, and I am sure I am forgetting even more. There were also a few others that haven't been around too much. There was Eric Broe, the FSU football player that competed well in Key Lime earlier this year. Another I met was someone new to the circuit. I forget his name, unfortunately I have this disease where I can never remember someone's name after only meeting them once. I only remember him because he said he has been following competitive eating via internet/tv since he was 14. Waffle House was the first contest he could compete in now that he is old enough and he seemed pretty excited to be competing. In my opinion everyone did really well this year in the Waffle House contest and I thought it had a really great environment and turnout.

After Waffle House I ended up hanging around Stone Mountain for a little while chatting it up with a bunch of my friends and competitive eating supporters who showed up. After that I headed to a Goo Goo Dolls concert (thanks Mike) which turned out to make me head home later than I originally planned. It was a blast though. Unfortunately it made for a long trip through the night.

Krystal burgers was the next contest of the extended weekend. I had a fun time at the contest and was extremely happy to see all kinds of people show up to support me in Jacksonville. I know you read my website, so thanks again for cheering me on and showing up all dressed up too. You guys are great. Again this was another packed contest. I believe the complete results and names are on . Just click on the squareoff tab. Though I didn't win the 8-minute contest I did get the record for the 2-minute record this year in Jacksonville. I suppose this was the silver lining. I appologize for not having pictures again. What can I say? Maybe someday. LOL ;o)

PS My hat goes off to those that competed multiple times in the extended weekend. I don't know how they did it. Great job Crazy Legs, Chip, Sonya, and Joey just to name afew.

Thanks for the pics Eric and thanks to all of my family, friends, and supporters coming out.


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