Sunday, September 17, 2006

IFOCE this week. Okra Eating contest: Congrats to Sonya for winning a title over some good competition. It sounds like Pat and Sonya were neck and neck. Patrick never ceases to impress me. Erik the Red also did very nice getting third and eating 5 lbs. of food. Solid job Erik!

Harrah's 2nd Annual Pulled Pork Eating Championship: As everyone knows Joey Chestnut is the man. He won eating 9.6 lbs. of pulled pork. Chip, showing why he is one of the top eaters in the world got second with a great showing as well. Last, but not the least, Rich LeFevre got third. Rich LeFevre is an awesome competitor and continues to stay at the top of the rankings as well. This man can eat all day. I have seen it first hand. Great job to all.

Krystal Squareoff qualifier in Knoxville: Congratulations to Patrick for a dominating performance and reserving his seat at the Krystal Championship table. Not only does Patrick have capacity, but I think his biggest strength is speed. This bodes well for Patrick with the 8 minute contest. I don't know the second and third place guys yet, but I know Larry got 28. Not a bad number Larry. You still have another shot to do better, so keep your head up.

One last comment is I actually have more pictures from Krystal in Jacksonville believe it or not. By the way if anyone sees any pics of themselves they want or any pics at all I can send you the full version upon request. This is true for any pictures you see on my site. Just drop me an email and I will send you the actual pic. I am trying to master the flickr webpage, so this is my first attempt. Here it goes. Jacksonville Krystal.


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