Monday, June 25, 2007

Shoo-Fly Pie

Shoo-Fly Pie Results from Rockvale Outlet

1. Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti 11.1 lbs (I swear you ate your 2nd pie in about 45 seconds or less Pat)
2. Sonya "The Blackwidow" Thomas 9.3 lbs (Sonya is good at this! Duh. 9.3 lbs is awesome.)
3. "Humble" Bob Shoudt 9.25 lbs (That number sounds familiar. I thought last year was a fluke. Not really though. Bob can definitely eat some TOP 5 poundages of food.)
4. Hall "Hoover" Hunt 6.73 lbs (I ate 3.5 pies, but got all the crumbs from the table/other pans/floor/shoes/beard subtracted to get my total. Very thorough total of very tasty pie. Thanks Mike Castellano for sharing some of the prize winning pie too. Both recipies were great.)
5. Juliet Lee 6.66 lbs (Showing why she deserves a spot at Nathan's and then some. Great stuff for a rookie...great stuff period!)


(I got a bunch of group pics. We kept finding more and more people who didn't get in the pic in time, so we ended up taking a bunch. I think these should cover most everyone. I know a few did get left out though. There was a great showing of a ton of good eaters!)

(I appologize for forgetting his name, but thanks to Juliet Lee's husband for all the group photos.)

(Why are you hiding Russ? ;o) )

(I managed to find Sonya before the contest after the group photos, so I had to get her in a pic too. I LOVE YOU SONYA! I don't know why Steakbellie jumped in the photo. LOL. )

( See Liz. I told you I would not forget to bring the sign this time. Thanks for taking the pic Steakbellie. I was afraid the pic would convieniently not end up coming out OK.) (If you notice I had not changed into my Rockvale Outlet shirt yet. I could not find them. Steakbellie pointed out they were in a box right next to my feet. FYI: I like wearing my Waffle House shirt when I am around Patrick. If you look up my PR vs. his PR on you will notice why. ;o)~ That one's for you Pat!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nathan's qualifier in North Carolina

Here are some pics for now. Story to follow. (pictures are worth 1,000 words anyhow though right?)

(Ryan Honigman, Hall "Hoover" Hunt, Tim Brown, SuperPaul Barlow)
(Thanks for the pic SuperPaul.)

(Tim Brown, SuperPaul, Hoover)

(Tim Brown, SuperPaul, Hoover, Juliet Lee)(Hhhmmm. I can't tell where we are in the contest, but we are all still eating and looking OK)

(It looks like the last lean across the finish line. Everyone is getting their last bit of food in. Wow, that was too close for comfort. Nice work Juliet. Also nice work SuperPaul for hitting double digits.)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Nathan's is really cooking!

Please forgive me for the pun. It was not intended that way and I don't have time to think up a new title.

I just wanted to drop a line and comment on how well everyone is doing in the Nathan's qualifiers. Congratulations to everyone who has won so far and put up personal bests. Every year the numbers go up and up. I want to mention everyone in details who has accomplished something amazing so far in this year's Nathan's circuit, but that would be way too much writing for me. Seriously, everyone is kicking butt!

I am so excited myself to eat some Nathan's in NC. I have so much family up there in NC and SC too. My favorite contests have been there. I am getting hungry just thinking about the trip.

So far Nathan's is looking something like this:

Chip Simpson - 39.5 (great as always)

Patrick Bertoletti - 46 (first person to eat more than 40 besides Joey, or Takeru)

Tim Janus - 41.5 (didn't he eat more chili dogs than this before? Oh yeah. 4 hours, not 12 min)

Sonya Thomas - 36 (well done. If only the contest lasted longer than 12 minutes I bet she would eat 45+)

Erik Denmark - 26.5 (Great eater at baseball games! ;) Very tight field. Tough work.)

Very awesome numbers.

Oh yeah. I forgot one.

Joey Chestnut - 59.5 (Are you freaking kidding me!?!?)