Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nathan's qualifier in North Carolina

Here are some pics for now. Story to follow. (pictures are worth 1,000 words anyhow though right?)

(Ryan Honigman, Hall "Hoover" Hunt, Tim Brown, SuperPaul Barlow)
(Thanks for the pic SuperPaul.)

(Tim Brown, SuperPaul, Hoover)

(Tim Brown, SuperPaul, Hoover, Juliet Lee)(Hhhmmm. I can't tell where we are in the contest, but we are all still eating and looking OK)

(It looks like the last lean across the finish line. Everyone is getting their last bit of food in. Wow, that was too close for comfort. Nice work Juliet. Also nice work SuperPaul for hitting double digits.)


At 3:44 PM, Anonymous The Hangman said...

Best Wishes at Coney. We will be watching.


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