Wednesday, April 04, 2007

IFOCE Eater's Poll (April edition)

The IFOCE Eater's Poll (April edition)will come out tommorrow!

I don't have all the numbers in front of me, but I will be interested to see how it will all pan out. Since the last poll Patrick Bertoletti has kicked some serious butt by winning the St. Patrick's Day Chowdown. Tim Janus has also continued to impress. Joey continues to throw up big numbers at will. Chip has also perfomed well and claimed the first seat at the big table for Nathan's. Bob, Rich, Sonya, and many others have also been performing well at the top as well. Even Booker has jumped back in the action and picked up where he left off.
It has also been nice to see some newcomers get a chance to pick up a few points from MLE contests. I believe some newer eaters such as Kevin Ross, Nate Biller, and others may be getting a few more points in the IFOCE Eater's Poll as more people and food become familiar with their names. Even Steakbellie could claim a few more points.
Steakbellie has not competed recently because he has been keeping busy with "business" for the Manitoba Meatsweats. Here is one story I found about his recent "work".:

"With Steakbellie potentially facing 90 days in the pokey for getting behind the wheel of his Bentley with an open "can of whup ass" left over from Wing Bowl, it's likely he's looking for a little pick-me-up. But did he boost his spirits by beefing up his waistline?

The beleaguered star has been spotted out and about in recent days proudly displaying his enlarged belly, which has prompted several outlets to speculate that he might have amplified his oft-flashed asset.

The London Sun labels the kerfuffle over Steakbellie's suddenly overflowing belly a "stomach job riddle" (and somewhere, the Sphinx bangs its head against a wall) and quotes an ogling eyewitness as saying, "His stomach seemed massive. Everyone was staring. He's known for his quite small stomach. It's a surprise to see his busting out of his top."

So did Steakbellie, who has been causing choaos at the Philly buffets and elsewhere in recent days with eater Wing Kong, do a bit of nipping and tucking to soup up his stomach, or is he a walking billboard for how a man's gut can truely expand naturally to extreme limits after eating at Pat's then Geno's then Pat's then Geno's all day long walking back and forth eating more and more always ordering "with"?

Steakbellie's ever-vigilant and raise-needing rep Tim Janus is quick to nip the gustatory magnification talk in the bud.

When asked whether he's undergone an augmentation, he pooh-poohs to, "He has not." He also mentioned to all his worried fans that, "There is no need to worry about my health. I got rid of all the recalled pet food. All the pet food I have been eating has been perfectly safe...and delicious!"


At 2:37 PM, Blogger steakbellie said...

I have the biggest S*** Eating grin right now. That belly photo is dead-on, and I had to check for shiv-scars to be sure it wasnt really a photo of me.

The other thing is that I've been planning a 'stomach augmentation' article for the Fantasy page, but thats at least a month away in the story-line before I give away the secret to my success.

I thank you and bestow a can unto glad and rejoice!


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