Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Eater's Poll will come out TODAY!

I am counting up the final totals now! Once all the votes are in I will be posting the results later on TODAY. On the same day that John F. Kennedy delivered the first live presidential television news conference, will be unveiling the first ever Eater's Poll.
Due to overwhelming response via this site, my email, and myspace I have gotten in contact with more than a dozen people that want to participate in the voting for the first Eater's Poll! In the future polls I already have many more commited to vote, which will be making the poll even more accurate and include more eaters. The Eater's Poll will hopefully become a permanent fixture in the eating community providing a forum where they can cast their vote and express their opinions on where everyone stands. More and more eaters, writers, and fans are going to be casting their votes on the upcoming polls.
The poll is here for your enjoyment. Please take a good look at the poll and express your opinion on what you think. Also, everyone is encouraged to become part of the voting themselves. If you didn't get your votes in already for this first poll be sure to get your votes in for the next one! Just send an email to to get on the list for casting votes in the upcoming polls! THE FIRST EVER EATER'S POLL WILL BE COMING OUT TODAY!


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Mega Munch said...

Sweet! Yeah, I was thinking to myself when I got my poll earlier this week, "The anniversary the first live presidential news conference is Thursday. It would be great if the results of this poll were announced that same day."

And lo and behold, they are! Looking forward to it.


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