Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Florida is on a roll!

I just want to say congratulations to the University of Florida football team! Now the Gators have the national championship in both football and basketball. I believe that is the first time that has happened in the NCAA. To have the basketball and football championship is fantastic!
I loved watching the football game with all the other Florida Alum, students, and family.
But now the only sporting event I am concerned with is the Pretzel Twister pretzel contest. I was reading the IFOCE website the other day and read all of the predictions. I am not going to say exactly how, but I have a good feeling the predictions from 1 through 5 are going to be very different. One thing I will mention in particular is that Mr. Janus is not listed in the top five finishers even though competitive eating news has him listed to compete. This may be becuase he is not known for always doing well in some events where more chewing is taking place. I would normally agree with this, except for the fact that his overall speed has been increasing tremendously as of late and he is also the master of technique.
To my knowledge soft pretzels have never been used in a contest before. This is not some food that everyone has tried before. I know and respect these pretzels. Depending on the weather conditions, they may go down very slowly. The weather may not be the only factor that slows things down. The eaters may also find themselves slowing down to enjoy the delicious taste.


At 4:44 PM, Anonymous beautifulbrian said...

Hall the only reason i didnt include you in the top 5 was that Rich Shea asked me to predict how many sonya, larue, boone, chestnut and shoudt would eat. There was no mention of you even competing according to Rich . If i knew i would have included you without question

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Hall "Hoover" Hunt said...

Understood. I may have picked them the same way too if given those to choose from. All of those people are great eaters. Don't you agree that the results could turn out strange since it is a tough food that not many have seen before? Hopefully the pretzels are super fresh. I know many times this doesn't happen though. I suppose that is the name of the game though. Always be prepared for whatever they throw at you.

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous liz said...

There is such a difference between fresh soft pretzels and day old ones, so I'm hoping for the former for you guys, too!


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