Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Erik the Red" Denmark vs. Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti

The subtitle of this matchup is Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears. I am excited to see this game. It should be a good matchup. Who is going to win? I am going to have to cheer for the Bears since they are led by a former Gator. There are also three other Gators that are playing for the Bears and the Seahawks only have 2 Gators I believe and have more Seminoles. I believe the Bears won last time 6-37. Of course that was back when Rex was on a role. I know also it is hard to beat the same team twice during the season. Along the same lines the Bears have home field advantage which is really hard to beat. That is why I had to go to the tie-breaker and find the ratio of Gators playing on each team to pick my winner. Though I am cheering for the Bears, I will be cheering more for Erik to eat all those hotdogs. Go Erik!


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