Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Next Stop

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hall of Food

I was just surfing the net trying to find some news about eating contests, etc. and happened upon this. I tried a few weeks ago to figure out how to put the video on Youtube and then actually post the video, but did not succeed and then forgot. Anyhow, here is the link to the video. It is sort of old now so I imagine it won't stay on the web much longer and I don't know how to save it. So anyhow, here it is.


By the way...nice job to all in the pizza contest. I watched the video and I was shocked how many of the ranked eaters showed up! Thank you BeautifulBrian.com for footage and results!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Krystal Square Off IV

The time has arrived. The Schedule for the Krystal Square Off IV has been officially announced today. All you eaters out there need to trade in your comfy cross-country shoes for your track spikes as the analogy goes. Krystals is only 8 minutes to get down as many delicious burgers as you can.
Labor Day September 3, I will hop in my car for a short trip downtown. Yes, that's right. The 2nd Krystal qualifier is going to be right around the corner. In fact my drive will coincidentally about the same length of the contest. Last year I had Waffle House waffles the day before which set me back some. This year I will just have a few Chik'n Stik'ns and a Milkquake before the contest. By the time of the contest I am going to be hungry for some Krystal burgers.
But in all seriousness my Jacksonville numbers have actually been going down. My first year in Jacksonville I ate 30. Then last year in Jacksonville I ate 27. What this year, 24? If so, 24 is not a bad number. Oct. 24 is not only my birthday, but I have recently found that I share this birthday with none other the Krystal. In fact the Krystal hamburger restaurant chain was founded Oct. 24 1932. It's true. Check out the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krystal_%28restaurant%29 .
Whatever you do don't forget to mark September 3rd in your calendar! Enjoy your day off in downtown JAX near the river with some Krystal hamburgers. If you come you will not only get a good show. You will also have all your questions answered you have ever been wondering. Some of which may be, but more than likely are not: What was the significance of 24 again? How many Krystals can you really eat? Why on earth are you wearing smiley face glasses and tie in that picture? Who is that guy eating next to you and will he be back?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Stand By Me" Blueberry Pie Contest

Wow! That contest looked like it was pretty messy(fun!?!?) I would never even fingerpaint as a child because I thought it was too messy. I am getting the shivers looking at the pictures. The pie itself does look really good though. Blueberries are rich in Vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene as well as rich in the minerals potassium, manganese, magnesium. They are very high in fiber and low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. But this is just the tip of the nutritional iceberg, for recent studies tell us that of all fresh fruits and vegetables, blueberries provide the most health-protecting antioxidants, those valuable elements which prevent cancer-causing cell damage and may limit the changes wrought by age related diseases.
I love the whole castor oil thing keeping the contest true to the movie. Well done with the scarf/hanky fake reversal Legs.
The results were:

1. Pat: 9.172 (I think that is 4 pie titles now, not to mention strawberry cake, icecream, chocolate, etc.)
2. Tim Brown: 8.473 (Keep up the good work! You are well deserving of your top 15 ranking.)
3. Mongo Marquez: 6.564 (Always a solid eater. Flys under the radar, but is super. Sorry I couldn't find a pic of you. Send me one if you have one and I will post it.)
4. Kevin Ross: 5.585 (I am glad to see he is stepping his game up. I see my advice is helping. Nah, you are just getting better with each contest!)
5. Erik and Crazy Legs: 4.887 (I always knew they had very similar abilities, but a tie down to the thousandth of a pound. Incredible. Both also have a very star quality about there appearance too of course.)
7. Jason Erb 4.638 (I am still not sure if I have met Jason yet, but he has been doing contests for a while now. Always another solid eater.)
8. Cameron McKirdy 3.759 (I read the article on Cameron before the contest. Hopefully he had a lot of fun. Not a bad poundage either.)
9. Scott Sayer 3.3410 (Slayer! Well done.)
10. Shawn Kirby 3.0311 (Don't recognize the name, but managed to crack the 3 lbs.)
11. Skinnyboy 2.9212 (You gotta love the enthusiasm of Skinnyboy. I like to check out his site from time to time.)
12. Tim League 2.84 (Wow! Was this the guy with the crazy outfit? Very cool.)
(thanks eatfeats.com for the results)