Monday, March 26, 2007

Nathan's Hot Dog Qualifier (Sunrise, FL)

Chip "The Phenom" Simpson takes the Nathan's Hot Dog qualifier with ease in Sunrise, FL. I am assuming it was done with ease since as of now I have still not heard of anyone else whom even competed there, much less a total of another competitor. I am just assuming nobody was even close though considering he ate 39 1/2 hot dogs and buns. Chip has once again shown that he can eat with the best of them. This man has both speed and capacity. There is no doubt about that. Nice work Chip.

check your email

Here is the heads up to all the voters for the Eater's Poll. I just sent an email out to everyone I have on my current list of voters letting them know it is time to cast their votes for the April edition of the Eater's Poll. Last month a few missed out, so this is a friendly notification that it is that time. Time to vote.
If you did not receive an email or are not a current voter, you can still vote by emailing me who you think the top 25 eaters are to .
If you want to be on the official Eater's Poll email list and receive an email reminder every month that it is time to vote, please also send me an email indicating this to .

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

St. Pat's Chowdown

Here are just a few pics of the festivities at St. Pat's Chowdown, Spike TV style. I thought I had a lot more pictures, but I guess they ended up on other people's cameras. You know how that goes.
Yes Sonya! Thumbs up. I think St. Pat's Day was a great success! Yahoo for Spike TV. Yahoo for MLE. Yahoo for St. Pat's Day!!! ...and yahoo for me!?! ;o)

Friday, March 02, 2007



Rank. Eater's Name (First-place votes) (Points) [Previous Rank]

1. Joey Chestnut (3) (315) [2]

2. Takeru Kobayashi (10) (302) [1]

3. Patrick Bertoletti (301) [3]

4. Bob Shoudt (266) [5]

5.(tie) Tim Janus (261) [6]

5.(tie) Sonya Thomas (261) [4]

7. Chip Simpson (240) [6]

8. Rich LeFevre(217) [6]

9. Seaver Miller (188) [9]

10. Juliet Lee (181) [16]

11. Crazy Legs Conti (179) [10]

12. Hall Hunt (177) [12]

13. Arturo Rios (170) [11]

14. Erik Denmark (161) [13]

15. Jed Donahue (120) [14]

16. Dale Boone (107) [16]

17. Joe LaRue (104) [15]

18. Justin Mih (84) [19]

19. Pat Philbin (78) [18]

20. Loren Yarbrough (64) [nr]

21. Allen Goldstein (43) [nr]

22. Larry McNeil (42) [nr]

23. Eric Livingston (36) [nr]

24. Brian Subich (31) [nr]

25. Jim Reeves (28) [nr]

Also receiving votes: Paul Barlow(26), El Toro (25), Brian Seiken (24), Bruce Pobanz (23), Sam Vise (18), Pat Bruss (18), Frank Wach (16), Kevin Lipsitz (16), Jason Erb (15), Kevin Ross (15), Micah Collins (13), Ron Koch (13), Jim Hammrick (13), Don Lerman (12), Skinny Boy (8), Brickhouse (6), Todd Yeates (4), Marco Marquez (1), Russ Keeler (1), Booker (1), Jerry Coughlan (1)

Honorable Mention: Helen Haggerty

The Eater's Poll Board of Voters is made up of competitive eaters and media that cover the sport. All are involved in participating or following IFOCE/MLE contests. The board for the March edition of the Eater's Poll: Eric "Badlands" Booker, Erik "The Red" Denmark, Liz Kellermeyer, Tim "Eater-X" Janus, Todd "The Butler" Yeates, "The Hangman" Bruce Pobanz, Dave "MegaMunch" Shoffner, Don "Moses" Lerman, Eric "Steakbellie" Livingston, "Humble" Bob Shoudt, Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti, ojrifkin, and Hall "Hoover" Hunt.