Friday, May 16, 2008

Nathan's Hot Dogs in Chicago and Hartford

OK. My quick picks for who is going to eat how many are:

Chicago, IL:
Vandam - 30
Brown - 27
Fitzgerald - 24
Abatsas - 20

Hartford, CT:
Rios - 26
Keeler - 25
Davekos - 20
***Update: I just heard Philbin and Shredder may go to. If this is the case I say there is a 4 way tie at 25 HDBs and Davekos gets 20.***
You never know for sure what's going to happen, but I think I should be pretty close. I would normally give the edge to Brown since he has experience, but 30 in 10 will be VERY tough to beat for him. If this rookie Fitzgerald goes here I think he will repeat his amazing debut. I know I only did 14 in my debut. I don't know if Abatsas is going for sure or not, but I am confident he will do the deuce.

I am giving Rios the edge because he has been there and is top notch. I think the 10 minutes is actually better for Rios in this contest and in previous years didn't even use the extra 2 minutes anyhow. I would love to see Keeler hit 25. That would be great for him. We will see what he's got. I am excited to see how well he does. Davekos should do the deuce this year and I am rooting for him to. I think his PR is 19.5 in 12. If this is the case despite the contest length being reduced, I believe he will overcome and hit 20.

Good luck to all!


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