Monday, June 16, 2008

Nathan's qualifier in Charlotte, NC

Here is a link to a written article by Fox News and a video report too!
Here is a link to a video from The Charlotte Observer.
Chad Everett also has a blog with an article and photos.

I had a great time in Charlotte. I got to see familiar faces from last year, meet some new CE enthusiasts, talk to some family living nearby, and of course eat some serious Nathan's Hot Dogs! Todd and Chris came in 2nd and 3rd with 18 and 11 hdbs respectively. Not too shabby for a 10 minute contest. Of course I got to hang out with a bunch of others too and talk about speed eating technique, diet, exercise, religion and everything else.

The dogs were boiled and very tasty. The buns were a little more crumbly than I am use to. I had to pick up a few pieces of bun once or twice that fell back on the plate and then eat it. After this I figured out the technique to jam the whole bun in without breaking it, so from then on it was smooth sailing. I started off very slow as I usually do out in the heat and only did 4 or 5 dogs in my first minute. This was a so-so start, but I was hoping to get out of the blocks a little faster. Praise the Lord I managed to keep up a pretty steady pace otherwise I would not have managed to do quite as many as I did.

I felt great after the competition and had a great time talking to the band that was playing at the event too. They seemed like great guys. I also want to thank Eva Pilgrim and Brittany Troutman for great interviews and articles.

I was also glad to see Trey and Sadie (You may know them from the HungrySisters Blog) make it out to the qualifier. So, last but not least a big thank you for Sadie being the best bunnette ever!


At 6:46 PM, Blogger HungrySisters said...

Awesome job on Saturday. It was a pleasure and honor to be your bunnette :-)
Maybe I'll get to do it again someday!

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Chad Everett said...

That was indeed a great performance, Hall, and it was good to meet you. Two years in a row in Charlotte (well, Concord). Maybe it will be three?


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