Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nathan's Hot Dog Qualifiers: Norfolk, VA & New Orleans, LA

OK. My quick picks for who is going to eat this weekend and how many are:

Norfolk, VA:
Sonya Thomas - 38

New Orleans, LA:
Juris Shibayama - 26

UPDATE w/ real official results:

Sonya - 38.5
Black Hole - 20.75
William Schierer - 19.75

Juris - 28
Peter Parker - 17
Damon Serignet - 16

***Congrats to both Sonya and Juris. I am very glad that Sonya did so well. I always love to see her succeed. She is such a sweet person who has competed for so long I have to cheer for her. I sincerely hope she can do the "double duece" at the finals. I know this has been one of her goals for a few years now. Despite the 2 minutes less competition time for hot dogs than it use to be I know she has the potential to do it!
Juris! What can I say? Nice job big man. You told me you wanted to make the big table this year and would work your butt off to do it. And now you have! Well done. Great improvement over last year too. I think you defintely shocked a few people with your large hot dog gains. The sky is the limit.
To the other competitiors I say well done as well. The high teens and low 20s are super numbers to reach. My first ever contest I could only get 14 down before the final second expired. It definitely takes a certain nack to eat a lot and to eat it fast. Some have one or the other. Once you figure out both. WATCH OUT!


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Chappy said...

Good show in Concord, Hall.

And you were worried about 30!

Good luck and go get 'em in NYC.


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hall, great show in Concord this weekend. Good luck on Coney Island, we'll be rooting for you. I'll send you those pictures as soon as I have the chance to get them off my camera!


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