Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GRITS @ Louisiana Downs

IFOCE Official results:
1. Patrick Bertoletti - 21 pounds of grits in 10 minutes
2. Tim Janus placed - 20 pounds
3. Joey Chestnut - 19 pounds
4. Sonya Thomas - 18.5 pounds
5. Hall Hunt - 15 pounds
I am extremely amazed at how well everyone did. Compliments to the chef, the grits were perfect. The only thing they lacked was enough butter to really make them hit the spot. But it's all good. Patrick and Tim picked up some butter for me at the grocery store before I got in town, so I had my pound of butter which I added during the contest to make them just right. I have to give it to you straight though, this was the closest I have ever been to capacity in a contest.
Patrick, Tim, Joey, and Sonya, I am clapping right now as I write (I am also scratching my head wondering how that is possible). Seriously though, you all are truely amazing. I have been working my butt off for 2 years now trying to catch you all, but I have still yet to get there. I feel like a kid learning how to swim. No matter how hard I flail in the water and struggle to get to you, every stroke I go forward you keeping moving the same distance away from me. But I will continue to press forward no matter how hard it is. Or like one of the great bodybuilders Mike Katz said on Pumping Iron, "There are two kinds of dogs. If you keep kicking a dog it will either roll over and die or turn around and bite you. I am the kind of a guy, who is the kind of a dog who will bite you." I am not sure if it was very clear what he was saying, but bottom line is I thrive on competition and challenges. I don't give up. You guys are the best. I love the competition.

Grits have long been a desirable discipline for Major League Eaters. Especially by your's truely, Hall "Hoover" Hunt. After being born in Columbia, SC and spending the rest of his life down in Gainesville and Jacksonville, FL he has grown up and grown more and more in love with grits. Grits with its mild flavor and quick-to-swallow consistency, we're expecting some big numbers from the pro's. For the first time, this Southern treat will be placed before the nation's finest athletes in Bossier City, LA for the Harrah's Louisiana Downs World Grits Eating Championship. Registration for this event is now closed.
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Grits are a common breakfast plate item in the southern US states where they are usually eaten with salt or cheese and never sugar unless you want a firm talking-to from the locals or an accusation that you don’t appreciate or understand the wonders of grits. Grits are also common, however, in East Africa where it is called Ugali and in southern Manchuria where it is called Gezi. The word ‘grits’ is a derivative of the Old English word ‘grytta’ which means a coarse meal of any kind. No matter the name, grits are a wonderful and delicious way to start or end the day.
Grits are basically coarsely ground corn that makes a sort of maize porridge. They are prepared simply by boiling the grits into a porridge or until enough water evaporates to leave them semi-solid, depending on your preference. (KATE, MY PREFERENCE IS VERY LIQUIDY AND SOUPY WITH A PINCH OF SALT/PEPPER AND LOADED WITH BUTTER) They are traditionally served at breakfast, but I find that they are a perfect side for an evening steak.


At 2:54 PM, Anonymous liz said...

I'm in awe of this whole competition! Crazy! Great job and good thinking with the butter.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Hall "Hoover" Hunt said...

Hey! Thanks. Yeah, this competition was awesome. I am so glad the MLE finally granted us a competition where we could really show off our capacities. I am glad Louisian Downs had the spectacular idea of serving grits too. When I was little I always had them for breakfast. I would make a huge pile of them, put a chunk of butter in a divot at the top, let it melt, and then cut little streams that leaked butter down the paths of the side of the grits mound.
I wanted to do this at the contest, but of course I was not allowed to touch the food before the contest started and once it got going I didn't really have the time. So to make up for this I made myself a big plate of grits and did it as soon as I got home.


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