Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tampa Bay Rays Fanfest 2009

Joey ended up coming to the Rays' Fan Fest this year so my girlfriend and I decided to go and support him and spend some time with him. It was nice to meet some of Joey's other friends that came to support him too. We enjoyed our time. Last year I got to be the headliner at the Fan Fest, but this year I took advantage of not sitting around signing autographs like Joey did for hours on end and walked around the whole fest. We got to see the ray tank, the locker room, and a ton of other things. Also we got the VIP tour of the offices and saw the "Wall of Fame" with pictures of all the competitive eaters that have participated in Fan Fest. Well so far it's only Takeru and me up on the wall, but now Joey will be up there too for next year. For Joey's competitive eating stunt he raced one of the Rays' announcers in chugging a gallon of milk. Joey drank the gallon of milk out of the jug in about 43 or 41 seconds I believe. The announcer took one sip and conceded the victory to Joey.

I almost forgot to mention too that most of the time I am putting a bunch more pictures on my Facebook page so make sure to check those out too.


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