Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rays in the World Series!!!

I am so excited and surprised that the Rays are in the World Series. Only in the last few years have I really became a huge Rays fan. Before them I liked some team from GA that will remain nameless. A few years ago I saw the light.

Since the Rays have been in the playoffs I have been going out to watch every game and have been wearing my Rays jersey and hat. The only game I forgot to wear my hat was game 5 and we all know what happened then. Yikes.

Pretty Boy Davekos and I have been chatting recently since he is from Boston. My roommate in college is also from Boston, so I feel their pain. If it wasn't the Rays I would have been all for the Sox. As it happens the Rays are getting their time to shine. I can't wait. I am trying to make plans now to actually get to a game in Tampa. I definitely love their concession stand especially when they have the all you can eat section or dollar dog days. Of course when I go I will have to make sure I bring the hat.


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