Monday, December 15, 2008

Krystal Hall of Fame Induction

Speed Eater, Pastor and Coach Among Jax-Based Hall Of Fame Inductees

Professional Eater Hall Hunt at the Krystal Square Off VTis the season for family traditions, and for Jacksonville locals John Hires and John Evans, that means it’s the time of year for Krystal. For these Hall of Famers, Krystal is the place that Hires and Evans gathered with their moms, dads and children to enjoy monthly family outings, celebrate football game wins and even rejoice a baptism.
Now, Hires and Evans are excited to join another fellow Krystal fan, Hall Hunt, while they celebrate another special occasion with their family and friends – the official Krystal Lovers Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.
Also a Jacksonville local, Hunt is one of the world’s top professional eaters and veteran Krystal Square Off competitor since 2005. After consuming thousands of Krystals for training, Hunt earned the title of “Mr. Steamer Pack” at his local Jacksonville restaurant.
Come meet the infamous Hall “Hoover” Hunt and join the celebration with Hires and Evans on Monday, Dec. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Krystal located at 3515 St. Johns Bluff Road, where we will unveil the inductees’ very own life-size Krystal Hamburger box. You won’t want to miss it!
Check out this video of Pastor John Hires’ throwing a Krystal Christmas party for his youth group…
HALL HUNT——————-Hall Hunt, better known as Hall “Hoover” Hunt, didn’t get his nickname for nothing! As one of the world’s top professional eaters and a member of the Major League Eating (MLE) organization, the 26-year-old makes a living out of his ability to consume food in a vacuum-like fashion! A lifelong fan of Krystal, Hunt was excited when Krystal started the Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship, an eating competition featuring one of his favorite foods – the famous Krystal hamburger. Since competing in his first Krystal Square Off in 2005, Hunt has consumed thousands of Krystals during his training regimen, a feat that has earned him the title of “Mr. Steamer Pack” at his local Jacksonville Krystal restaurant. Hunt’s dedication and hard work has more than paid off. This past September, he broke Joey Chestnut’s Jacksonville Krystal-eating record by devouring 60 Krystals in eight minutes, and he went on to better that mark at the world championship in Chattanooga, where he consumed 63 Krystals and won $2,000. While most people might want to take a break after eating thousands of Krystals, as a true Krystal lover, Hunt is already planning to compete in next year’s Krystal Square Off, his fifth to date.
JOHN HIRES——————-Krystal enthusiast and youth pastor John Hires believes so faithfully in the great taste of Krystal that he includes the restaurant in his life experiences as often as possible. Son to a former Krystal employee and diehard fan, Hires was raised on the small, square Krystal hamburgers and asked for them from the time he could speak. For Hires, it’s not just a personal love but also a family tradition. Each month, he meets his grandfather and mother for lunch at his neighborhood Krystal – a tradition that has been passed down in his family from generation to generation. Not to be left out, Hires’ father – also a Krystal lover – insisted that his baptism be celebrated afterwards with Krystal MilkQuakes and Sackfuls. Wanting to spread the Krystal love even further, Hires introduced Krystal to his youth group with a special Krystal-themed eating contest and sermon modeled after the passion and devotion found in stories from Krystal Lovers Hall of Fame. Hires states, “If more Christians were as committed to their spiritual beliefs as Krystal lovers are to their favorite Krystal food, the world would be a better place!” Since his compelling sermon, many of Hires’ students have turned into Krystal fans and beg to stop there for almost every youth outing.
JOHN EVANS——————–For Krystal fans who aren’t lucky enough to have a location nearby, weeks, months or even years could pass before getting their next Krystal fix. For high school football coach John Evans and his family, regular road trips to the nearest Krystal are an absolute must. As a coach, Evans and his family travel to every away game. Not only do they map out the trip to the opposing team’s football stadium, but they also calculate the quickest route to the closest Krystal location. Win or lose, the post-game Evans family tradition is to visit Krystal and everyone is invited! They’ve become the most popular family to travel with on game day. Without Evans’ love for Krystal, game day for this family wouldn’t be near as exciting!


At 7:06 PM, Blogger Chappy said...

Way to go, Hall.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

At 7:57 PM, Blogger HungrySisters said...

Wow, your face on a Krystal box!?!?
You are officially living the American dream.



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